The Performance Coaching Group (PCG) is a consortium of professional coaches who excel at developing managers and cultivating organizational leaders.

PCG is home to ROI-Coaching, a revolutionary new learning model targeted at growing critical management skills in all levels of an organization. ROI stands for Return on Investment. Independent impact studies prove this learning model increases organizational productivity and individual effectiveness, while showing return on investment.

ROI-Coaching is a blended coaching/training methodology that provides a one-on-one learning experience - that ensures skill development and transfer - in just three or four coaching sessions. Each manager's program is tailored and personalized to meet that individual's development needs. Skill and knowledge transfer is ensured because new skills must be successfully executed in the manager's work environment throughout the coaching engagement. Compare conventional classroom training with the ROI Coaching method.

ROI-Coaching shows return on investment. This cost-effective model saves organizations bottom-line dollars while increasing capacity benefits. Travel expense and overhead associated with training is non-existent, as are time-out-of-office costs.