Dawn Vanderloo

ROI Management Coach & Executive Coach

Dawn Vanderloo is the Managing Principal of The Performance Coaching Group. She has over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of management and executive coaching, organizational development, and instructional analysis and design. She has worked for Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard and Andersen Consulting, and has a past and present client base that includes Informatica, Microsoft, NASA, Qualcomm, Spirit AeroSystems, and Toyota.

Dawn excels in creating results-driven coaching and learning solutions specific for each client, and is experienced at working with individuals within all levels of an organization. As an ROI management coach, Dawn is adept at developing core competencies across all levels of management while also capturing and sharing best-practices that are of strategic importance to the success of the business. As an executive coach, Dawn works with new and existing members of the executive team and senior staff to enhance company and individual leadership, identify existing and emerging internal issues, and formulate results-oriented solutions.

Dawn is an Associate Certified Coach and a Certified Life Coach. She completed coursework in the Educational Technology Masters Program at San Diego State University and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iowa State University. She is currently a member of STEP, a consortium of learning and performance management professionals in Fortune 500 companies. Dawn splits her time between Iowa and California, enjoying both the rural beauty of the Midwest and the coastal activities of the Pacific.