Joanne Brem

Executive Coach

Joanne is an executive coach who brings seasoned, hands-on expertise to the field of organizational leadership development and effectiveness. She assists her clients to cultivate a leadership mindset and develop the skills and strategies needed to sustain peak levels of creativity, innovation and productivity - while effectively driving needed changes in their organizations.

Joanne specializes in: cultivating executive presence, executive transition, developing effective interpersonal skills including communication and conflict resolution skills, building and managing high performance teams, strategic planning and execution, cultivating long-term strategic partnerships and stakeholder relationships, navigating the political landscape, and managing change. Her coaching combines strong business acumen and insightful intuition, as well as an engaging and energizing personal style with a direct and results-oriented approach.

Joanne's 17+ years background in business is distinguished by great success selling in the information technology industry. Her last ten years was with Amdahl Corporation, selling in the IBM plug-compatible mainframe computer market. At Amdahl, she was a consistent Summit Award winner, and in her last year, was rated #2 in the country with over $30M in sales. As a top-performer in this high-paced, competitive environment, she learned and integrated into practice, the principles, dynamics and skills of sustainable high-impact performance and teamwork, which she brings to her coaching.

She enjoys classical orchestral and chamber music, class 4-5 white water river running, travel, time in nature, hiking, dancing, historical novels and is committed to professional/personal life-long learning and development.