Clare Norman

ROI Management Coach

For more than 25 years, Clare has helped organizations adopt new managerial processes and technologies to accelerate individual and organizational growth and development. In the world of talent management and leadership development, Clare has worked as an instructional designer, trainer/facilitator, evaluation specialist, OD consultant, engagement manager and management coach. Through coaching, he has helped managers and high-potential employees develop new skills and behaviors, which led to sustainable change within their organizations.

Clare's background includes certification in Requisite Organization, which he used in coaching an entire business unit in the successful transition to new roles in a new organization. Clare understands the importance of - and has had great success at - understanding client environments and expectations when creating development solutions. He has used this methodology to implement coaching solutions for individual managers, teams of managers, and sales teams.

Clare enjoyed long-term employment with Hewlett Packard and Ontario Hydro. As an independent consultant, some of his clients include: Canadian federal and provincial ministries, regional municipalities, Ontario Hydro, Agilent Technologies and the Ontario Lottery Corporation. He holds a BA in psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada.

Clare grew up in the Toronto area and enjoys travelling with his family throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.