Having Difficult Conversations

Do you tend to let problems fester, hoping they'll go away? Do you put off addressing a problem until you're forced to act? Do the words "constructive criticism" sound harsh? It's critical to your employee's performance, your team's morale, and possibly your sanity, to engage in a difficult discussion as soon as an issue presents itself.

In this ROI-Coaching program, you'll work with your coach on how to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations with employees. You'll translate a behavioral issue into a desired behavior. You'll hold the conversation, while remaining objective. You'll determine the root cause of the behavior. And you'll create a coaching plan as soon as the conversation has occurred.

If you have a current situation with an employee that you've not addressed, you will use these new skills and tools with that employee during the course of the program. If you don't have a situation requiring a difficult conversation, then you'll use these new tools and skills with your coach.