ROI Coaching

Compare Classroom Training to ROI-Coaching

Classroom Delivery   ROI-Coaching
Class date and time determined by a third-party scheduler       Coaching session dates and times are selected by the manager
Delivered face-to-face in one contiguous session       Delivered in several one-hour telephone sessions over a period of three to six weeks
Instructors deliver to a group of learners       Coach and manager have one-on-one discussions specific to the managers experience and situation
Defined curriculum delivered to entire class, despite varying skills and knowledge       Defined curriculum is customized for each manager based on assessed needs
Multiple skills taught in a pre-set agenda       Three to four foundational skills taught per course, and the manager can "test out" of a skill if competency is proven during assessment
Exercises often based on case studies and hypothetical situations       The manager's own team, situation and work environment provides the context for completing action items between sessions
Completion is usually based on attendance       Completion is based on proven performance, as demonstrated by on-the-job action items
Shared learning based on the people in the classrom at the time of delivery       Shared learning and organizational knowledge is collected by the coach and incorporated into the program materials to benefit managers across departments and geography